The General Manager


Wyndham Thomas was the first General Manager of the Development Corporation, from 1968-83. He was succeeded by John Beckett from 1983-84 and later by Ken Hutton from 1984-88.

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Which General Manager held the job for the longest and which for the shortest period of time?

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More Information

The Development Corporation needed many officers with a wide range of skills to help to deliver the vision and the actuality for Peterborough. Listen to the sound clip of Wyndham Thomas who explains how the Development Corporation was set up and what he felt was important for its success.

Follow up suggestion

Think about the responsibilities of a General Manager. These would be similar to a Chief Executive or a Headteacher. What do you think you have to be good at to be ‘the boss’?

Quiz Question

How many years was Wyndham Thomas the General Manager?


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Wyndham Thomas (longest) John Beckett (shortest)


15 years