The later arrival


Many people still move to Peterborough to live and work, some from other countries. In the early part of the Twenty-first century people came from eastern Europe, in particular Poland. One of these was Aneta Weigelt listen to what she has to say.

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When she first moved to Great Britain Aneta Weigelt went to Scotland and lived in Fort William. Find Fort William on a map and try to calculate how many miles it is from Peterborough.


More Information

Since 2000, in addition to Poland, people have moved into Peterborough from countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Portugal as well as Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

Follow up suggestion

Think about your class in school or the street where you live. Are there children from other countries or other part of the United Kingdom who have moved into school in the past two years?

Quiz Question

In the 1950s workers were recruited from another country by the London Brick Company to come and live in Peterborough and to work in the nearby brickyards. Which European country was this?


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425 miles (approximately)