What made Peterborough special in the first place?


Peterborough was very well placed, on the main London-Edinburgh railway line, on the Great North Road (A1) and close to the thriving east Midlands and fast-growing East Anglia.

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Look at the road map of Peterborough in Source Bank 1 and name the three major roads that go into or through Peterborough


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In 1964 about 44% of the south-eastís population lived in Greater London. Many people lived in cramped and over-crowded conditions.

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Follow up suggestion

The 1970s was not the first time that Peterborough had become an expanding new town. In the mid 12th Century Abbot Martin de Bec started to develop a new settlement in what we now call Cathedral Square or the Boongate area. Can you find out anything about which buildings might have been around the cathedral in the mid 12th century?

Quiz Question

How many years was Martin de Bec the Abbot of Peterborough?


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A47, A15 and A605


20 years (1133-1155)