Originally it was planned that, within each township, there would be five neighbourhoods, each with its pub, shop and community room. Houses were to be built in ways that kept people well away from the dangers of traffic.

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Most of the Bretton township was built on land owned by one landowner. What was his name?


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In the original plans it was envisaged that there would be four townships, Bretton, Castor, Orton and Paston. The last township to be built was in fact called Werrington although Paston and Gunthorpe were included as well.

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Of the four townships that were originally planned Castor did not get built. Why do you think this might have been? Can you find evidence for this?

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Car parking and congestion has increasingly become a problem in the townships. In 1970 there were about 11 million private vehicles on UK roads what was the figure in 2011?


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