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Street names in Orton Brimbles, Wistow and Goldhay were all probably medieval Northamptonshire field names. (Orton) Southgate was a well-known family from Alwalton. Bushfield was one of three open fields in Orton Waterville. However there were streets named after real people, for example Marsham, Pennington and Winyates.

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Look at the list of Werrington street names. Which street was named after the Bishop of Peterborough from 1728 1747?

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Leslie Webb was the man responsible for devising the names of streets.

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What is the name of your street? How do you think it may have got its name?

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How did Papyrus Road in Werrington get its name?


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Clavering Walk


Papyrus was a 1930s steam locomotive that travelled at 108 mph on the LNER main line near Peterborough in 1935.