New Schools and Community Buildings


All the secondary schools in the new townships were used outside the school day and were designed to promote ‘life-long learning’.

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According to the leaflet called ‘Learning and Leisure’, published in 1982, how many classes were going to take place at Bretton Woods Community School as part of their Autumn Programme?


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The philosophy behind Peterborough’s new community secondary schools, in particular Bretton Woods and Bushfield, was similar to Cambridgeshire’s tradition of community schools, pioneered by Henry Morris, to include facilities such as sports halls and libraries.

Follow up suggestion

What sort of things happen in your school outside the school day? These might include things that happen before or after school or even at lunchtimes? Who runs these activities?

Quiz Question

What is the name of the community building that still exists in Bretton even though Bretton Woods School no longer exists?


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