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Outdoor play was considered very important by the developers. Young children had ‘doorstep play’ whereby things like mounds and logs were placed near houses so that children could play within easy sight of their mothers. Older children could spend their time in purpose-built adventure playgrounds.

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What were the names of the adventure playgrounds in Peterborough in Bretton and Orton?


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There were other play centres in Peterborough in the 1970s, mostly run by Peterborough City Council, Hobson’s (Cromwell Road), the Spinney (Westwood), and Paston Farm. New Ark (Eastfield) is an independent charity and still exists.

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What play facilities are close to where you live? Who uses them?

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What was the name of the Development Corporation’s Children’s Play Officer


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Crofts Corner (Bretton) The Tunnel (Orton)


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