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Lady Lodge Arts Centre was built around old farm buildings in Orton. Facilities included the original old farmhouse, offices, workshops, a hall and performing space, a pub, car park and courtyard. Not just Orton residents but people of all ages from all over Peterborough used these.

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Lady Lodge Arts Centre often put on plays and live performances. What is the name of the theatre that is situated on the embankment of the River Nene?


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At Lady Lodge Arts Centre there were plenty of activities for young and old. Many of these activities were art and craft based - painting, working with fabrics, screen-printing, pottery, kite making etc.

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At Lady Lodge there was a wide variety of outside activities that children and young people could do in safety. What activities are there in your area that you and your friends can do outside? What outside spaces can you safely use?

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What sort of buildings were used as the basis for Lady Lodge Arts Centre?


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