Outdoor Features and Sculptures


Between 1978 and 1988 the Development Corporation bought sculptures made by British artists and sited them in a number of places round the city. A good place to see many together is at Thorpe Meadows.

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According to the Peterborough Sculpture Trust website, how many pieces of outside sculpture are there in and around Peterborough?


More Information

Sculptures and other outdoor features are now managed by the Peterborough Sculpture Trust. A complete list of these sculptures can be found on their website.

Peterborough Sculpture Trust website

Follow up suggestion

Outdoor sculptures can be made from a variety of materials. Sculptures made with which materials do you think would last the longest outdoors and why?

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Quiz Question

One of the more famous sculptors whose work can be found in and around Peterborough is Anthony Gormley. What is the largest of his works to be found in Great Britain?


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