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The board of the Development Corporation made all the major decisions about what should happen to Peterborough. The photograph in Source Bank 1 is from 1988 and shows Charles Swift, Baroness Blatch, Sir John Sparrow, Sir Franklin Braithwaite, John Harrell, Jean Barker, Jeremy Rowe (chairman), Bernard Brook-Partridge, Professor Gordon Cameron and Stephen Bingham.

Source Bank 1


Listen to the oral clip of Bernard Brook-Partridge. He gives reasons why the board member did not get cross or have “heated discussions”. He also says that the board member had access to something “across the table” that was really helpful. What was this?


More Information

Meetings of something like the Board of the Development Corporation have to be very organised so there would have been secretaries, admin assistants and clerks to help. Think of the people in the office who help to keep your school organised.

Follow up suggestion

At your school do you have a ‘board’ or group of people that you can go to if you have an opinion about something in school – something like a School Council? Who would you go to?

Quiz Question

Bernard Brook-Partridge talks about the GLC. The GLC was abolished in 1986. What do the letters GLC stand for?


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