More than 40 years of change: 1960s-2010s


Parts of Peterborough have changed a great deal, for example Bridge Street which is now pedestrianised. However other parts and buildings remain remarkably similar for example the Lido.

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What differences can you see in these two photographs the first is of Broadway and the second is of Cathedral Square, also known as Market Square. The black and white ones are from the 1960s, the colour ones from 2010. There have even been changes since then!

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Many of the buildings in Peterborough are much cleaner now than they were in the days before the Development Corporation. Now there is less contamination from vehicles and pollutants such as steam railways.

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Follow up suggestion

What changes have there been in the place where you live? Think about your own house, your street and your neighbourhood.

Quiz Question

When was Peterborough outdoor swimming pool, the Lido, built?


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