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For hundreds of years Peterborough was a small town or city dominated by the Cathedral at its centre. The River Nene would have been important to moving goods from one part of the country to another. Look at the engravings of Peterborough from about the 1730s – you will see a variety of methods of transport.

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Look at the two pictures in Source Bank 2 – the bottom is of Peterborough’s Corn Exchange where corn and other goods were bought and sold. The top picture is of the Market Square (now Cathedral Square). What is the name of the building in the background, which still exists today?

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Peterborough is in the heart of a very agricultural area. Look at the table from the Kelly’s Directory of 1933 and you will notice the wide variety of crops and animals that were grown and kept in the area. You may not have heard of some of them!

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Follow up suggestion

Look at the photograph in Source Bank 1 showing factories in Peterborough, the top one is of Newall Engineering in the 1970s and the bottom one is of women working at Symington’s clothing factory. Can you find out about any manufacturing in Peterborough that still exists?

Quiz Question

Perkins Engines is located in Peterborough. What does the company manufacture?


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