Peterborough Industry before the Development Corporation


Before the Development Corporation arrived in Peterborough, there were a number of factories that specialised in engineering, for example Perkins Engines, Baker Perkins and Peter Brotherhoods. The area around Peterborough was also rich in clay and millions of bricks were produced by the London Brick Company. Brick making still exists today in Whittlesey.

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Peterborough is a city surrounded by high quality farming land, particularly to the east. What is the rural area to the east of Peterborough generally called?


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Frank Perkins founded Perkins Engines in 1932, in Queen Street, Peterborough. The firm still exists today and its headquarters are in Eastfield. Perkins makes engines mainly for industrial, agricultural, construction and marine use.

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Look at the photograph of the tractor from the 1960s. The tractor may be powered by a Perkins engine. The number AFL 369 shows that the tractor was registered in Peterborough. Think of other types of agricultural machinery you might see in the fields around Peterborough today.

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Perkins Engines is now a subsidiary of which major American corporation?


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Caterpillar Inc.