Attracting people to Peterborough


Roy Kinnear was an already famous character actor who mainly appeared in comedy roles. He dressed as a Roman centurion to emphasise Peterborough’s long history and this character was used in many television and radio adverts.

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Many of the radio adverts promoting The Peterborough Effect were broadcast on LBC Radio. In the 1970s LBC stood for London Broadcasting Company. What does LBC stand for now?


More Information

The Development Corporation used ‘The Peterborough Effect’ as a slogan to promote the city. This poster shows a variety of objects and dates relating to Peterborough’s varied past. How many do you recognise or can identify?

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Follow up suggestion

If you were trying to advertise your school or some other organisation, which famous person would you try to use to persuade and influence people?

Quiz Question

Can you find out as much as you can about Roy Kinnear’s life? In what year did he die?


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