Peterborough's New Factories


The first new factory to move to Peterborough as part of the new development was Peter Pan Playthings who manufactured games, toys, handicrafts and science kits. Other firms followed such as Molins, Sodastream, British Sugar, Crosfield Electronics and Freemans.

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Freemans sold clothes to the general public but did not have shops. How did they sell items to people?


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Before the Development Corporation, firms had set up in Peterborough and were attracted by good rail communications as well as the availability of cheap labour because of the decreasing number of jobs caused by mechanisation in the surrounding farmlands. These firms included Perkins Engines, Peter Brotherhood and Baker Perkins.

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Follow up suggestion

Think of your friends or the people in your class at school. Where do the adults in those families work – in offices, factories or other places? Do they work in Peterborough or further away?

Quiz Question

Which large multinational e-commerce company that sells a wide variety of products has a distribution centre in Peterborough? They call it a ‘fulfilment centre’.


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