Being a teacher in a new school


Up to the mid-1970s every child in primary school had a free bottle of milk every day. This was given out by teachers at break time. Now teachers complete far more paperwork than in the 1970s and work within a National Curriculum.

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Listen to the sound clip from Robert Mason, headteacher at Eyrescroft Junior School, Bretton. On the first day that the school opened how many children were at the school that the staff had not expected to come?


More Information

Robert Mason mentioned that the children who attended Eyrescroft School came from both rented Development Corporation housing and private housing developments such as Gullimore, Hyholmes and Dunsberry.

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Follow up suggestion

Listen to the sound clip from Toby Wood. He mentions that some of the children at Honeyhill School were the Vietnamese Boat People. Try to find out why they were called ‘Boat People’.

Quiz Question

Which three countries border Vietnam?


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Cambodia, Laos, China