Supermarkets: the first Sainsbury's north of Watford


Bretton shopping centre originally comprised 13 shop units to support the Sainsbury’s Superstore and the large Boot’s superstore. Sainsbury's opened on April 25th 1972 and was their largest store in the country at the time. There were 24 checkouts and the store was one of the first to feature overhead signs to show shoppers where items were located.

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What do you call the part of a shop or supermarket where usually high quality items such as cheese, cold meats and meat products are sold over the counter by an assistant?


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There were promotions to encourage people to shop at the new Sainsbury's. If shoppers spent £3 or more they could then exchange a promotional leaflet for a voucher for one gallon of 4-star petrol. No less than 12,000 of these were handed out in the two weeks.

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If you owned or ran a shop or supermarket what ideas could you come up with to encourage shoppers to spend money with you as opposed to go to one of your competitors?

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When did Sainsbury's at Bretton open?


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April 25th 1972