The Architect/Town Planner


The original town planner for Peterborough was Tom Hancock who coined the name ‘Greater Peterborough’ to give the clear message that old and new Peterborough should become one. Hancock’s Draft Basic Plan map in Source Bank 1 is different in many ways to what was actually developed.

Source Bank 1


Look at Hancock’s draft Basic Plan and you will see that one of the areas to be developed is called the ‘Milton Township’. What was the actual name for that township?


More Information

Listen to the sound clip from Wyndham Thomas. He talks about first of all finishing off building the City Council’s housing estate then, in order, building Bretton, Orton and Werrington. The fourth township he mentions – Castor – was never built.

Follow up suggestion

If you wanted a strong team to help you organise a project or design something, which 3 people in your school would you choose to help you and why. Think about the skills and talents they might have to help you.

Source Bank 2

Quiz Question

In his oral clip Wyndham Thomas talks about part of Peterborough being ‘the heart’. Which part of Peterborough did he mean?


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