Peterborough's existing heritage


Peterborough’s growth and development in the 1970s wasn’t the first. The city centre grew up around Peterborough Cathedral and the area immediately surrounding it. The commercial centre of the city grew up around the Market Square but the centre of the city just got too busy and congested.

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In what year was the building we now know as Peterborough cathedral begun to be built?


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In the 1960s Bridge Street was Peterborough’s busiest street – traffic was allowed and there was no pedestrianisation.

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Follow up suggestion

Many people shop in the Market which is now sited in Cattle Market Road where animals used to be bought and sold until the late 1960s. What items are commonly sold in the Market?

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Quiz Question

Peterborough’s Town Hall is in Bridge Street. When was the Town Hall built?


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1118 AD