Change and remembering buildings lost


The new townships - Bretton, Orton, Paston and Werrington - were mainly built on fields or green or brown field sites. However, when Queensgate was built in the centre of Peterborough, some of the old streets were demolished to make way for the new shopping centre e.g. Milton Street, Nelson Street and Wood Street.

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Look at the photograph of one of the streets that was demolished to make way for Queensgate. Notice the corner shop. What sort of shop was it?


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More Information

Some parts of the centre of Peterborough still contain very old buildings. Although the uses of these buildings may have changed over the years, the outside and structure may have stayed the same. Look at the photographs of Cumbergate - the buildings are very similar but the street scene is very different.

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Follow up suggestion

Think about the area where you live or where you go to school. Are the buildings in your area all the same age or are some older than others? See what you can find.

Quiz Question

What is the name of the parish church in the middle of Peterborough on Cathedral Square? Clue: it is not the Cathedral!


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