Shopping in the townships


Before the development of the new townships, there were no large shopping areas in Peterborough outside the city centre. Now there are a large number. In fact both Bretton and Orton shopping centres have been remodelled again since they were originally built.

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After Bretton and Orton centres were constructed, another was built by Bryant at a cost of 2 million. It included a Co-op, a pub, police station and 19 shops. Where was this?


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Not everyone liked the new developments, particularly at Bretton. Many people felt that shoppers would stay away from the city centre, which they did - until Queensgate was opened.

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Where does your family do its shopping? Where do you go to buy a) bread; b) milk; c) vegetables. Are there any shopping centres in Peterborough that you have NEVER been to?

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Quiz Question

One of Orton township's longest established stores is QD. QD have a number of shops, mainly in East Anglia. When did they open their first store and where was it?


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