Shopping in the city centre and Queensgate


Work on Queensgate started in 1979 and the development took three years to complete. Many old streets, which had become dilapidated, were demolished to make way for the new development.

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How many years did it take for Queensgate to be built, from the start of the work to the official opening?


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The official opening of Queensgate was conducted by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands on 3rd March 1982.

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In 1969 the City Centre Study Group was set up and, as a result, the city centre was divided into four renewal areas – Queen Street for shops, North Minster for offices, Rivergate for public buildings and law courts and North Westgate for further expansion. A small shopping centre was built at Rivergate, retaining some of the frontages in Lower Bridge Street. Think about how often you come to Peterborough city centre and for what reasons.

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Quiz Question

Which famous people with connections to Peterborough are Queensgate’s four car parks named after?


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3 years


(Edith) Cavell, (Frank) Perkins, (Henry) Royce, (John) Clare)