The Community Worker


Each of the new townships had an area office, out of which a team of community workers operated.

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What do you think a community worker did and why was this useful for new residents? Here is a chart from about 1983 that shows the Social Development department. Look at the job titles – what do you think these people did? Listen to the sound clip from David Jost who describes what his job entailed.

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More Information

In this sound clip David Jost talks about the difficulties of moving to Peterborough as well as the sorts of people who chose to move to the city. His words show that life wasn’t always easy for the newcomers.

Follow up suggestion

Look at the ‘Orton Contact’ newsletter, published in 1976. If you were to produce a newsletter today what would you include and how would it be different to the 1976 one?

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Quiz Question

In the Orton Contact newsletter ‘News in brief’ section which school raised £500 at a Christmas Fayre?


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