The Peterborough Effect and the legacy of the Development Corporation


From October 2013 to January 2014 there was an exhibition of the achievements of the Peterborough Development Corporation called ‘Forty Years On’, which was held at Peterborough Museum.

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Look at the Forty Years On quotes. Ken McKay wrote that “we had the idea of using …. as a messenger” and so Roy Kinnear was asked to play the part of a what?


More Information

Good exhibitions contain a variety of materials that can help to teach and inform people about what life was like at a particular time – artefacts, photographs, words, pictures, drawings, oral clips are just some of the things that might be included.

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Follow up suggestion

Imagine that you are going to set up an exhibition about your life in forty years’ time. Make a list of ten things that you would put into that exhibition to show people in the future what your life has been like when you were young.

Quiz Question

Look at the Forty Years On displays in Source Bank 2 – you will find a bicycle quite different to those found today – what was it called?


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