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Charles Swift was the leader of the Labour Party, the group that had control of Peterborough City Council. Cllr. Swift was on the board of the Development Corporation from 1968 to 1988. Ray Laxton was the leader of the Conservative group on the Council.

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Listen to the sound clip of Alan Dowson, an ex-councillor for the centre of Peterborough. He talks about a fight to retain a pub in the centre of Peterborough what was the name of that pub?

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Peter Sidebottom was a Chief Executive for Peterborough City Council (not a councillor). In his oral clip he talks about the pros and cons of the Council working with the Development Corporation.

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Visit the Peterborough City Council website and look at the list of councillors now. Can you find the local councillors for where you live?

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Who is the current Mayor of Peterborough?


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