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In this sound clip Pete Aldridge talks about land being 'compulsorily purchased'. This means that the authorities bought the house and arranged for the family to live somewhere else. Houses that are compulsorily purchased are then knocked down to make way for things like roads, bridges or shopping centres.


How many people lived in Peterborough in 1971, before new arrivals came to the city, according to the 1971 national census figure?


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In his sound clip Pete Aldridge talks about life in Peterborough in the 1960s. He mentions that ABC Cinema, Sheltons department store, Fairway's Toy Shop and Timothy Whites. Although these businesses no longer exist, the buildings themselves are still in existence. Many shops and offices change owners regularly and it is often hard to keep up with changes!

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Follow up suggestion

When you are old enough to be a grandparent what sort of thing will you tell your grandchildren about living in Peterborough, things that will seem old-fashioned or out of date in the future?

Quiz Question

From 1889 to 1965 Peterborough was in something called the ‘Soke of Peterborough’. What do you think ‘soke’ means?


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About 70,000


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