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Uganda is a land-locked country in the middle of Africa whose capital city is Kampala. Its population is just over half as big as the United Kingdom.

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Listen to the sound clip of Raj Khunti. He talks about Uganda having Segregation policy. What does this mean?


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Many of the Ugandan Asians who came to Peterborough left skilled jobs and successful business behind in Uganda and were given 90 days to leave the country. They could not bring any of their wealth with them.

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Listen to the sound clip of Raj Khunti. Imagine that you moved to live in Uganda. What do you think you would find different to living where you do now?

Quiz Question

What was the name of the president who wanted to force all the Asian population out of Ugandan in 1972?


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People of different ethnic types being forced to live apart


Idi Amin