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Three new secondary schools were built to educate the new arrivals in Peterborough – Bretton Woods (Bretton), Bushfield (Orton) and Ken Stimpson (Werrington).

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Who was Ken Stimpson?


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Primary schools were also built in all the new townships – Eyrescroft, Middleton, Sacred Heart and Watergall (Bretton), Braybrook, Leighton, St John’s and Winyates (Orton), Welbourne (Werrington and Honeyhill (Paston)

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Follow up suggestion

Do you remember your first day at school or moving to a new school? What feelings did you have? What advice would you give to a child starting a new school?

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Quiz Question

Which of the schools built to teach children living in the new townships is now closed? (Clue: one primary and one secondary)


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An education officer in Peterborough who died before the school was built.


Bretton Woods (secondary) Honeyhill (primary)