Forty Years On: Forty Things to Consider


  1. The General Manager
  2. The Board Member
  3. The Architect/Town Planner
  4. The Community Worker
  5. The Local Councillor
  6. The Existing Peterborian
  7. The New Arrival from London
  8. The New Arrival from outside the United Kingdom
  9. The Child in the New School
  10. The Later New Arrival

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  1. What made Peterborough special in the first place?
  2. Houses
  3. Townships
  4. Street Names
  5. New Schools and Community Buildings
  6. Play and Playgrounds
  7. Green and Open Spaces
  8. Arts and Arts Centres
  9. Outdoor Features and Sculptures
  10. More than Forty Years of Change 1960s � 2010s

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Work and Industry

  1. Peterborough: Agriculture & Industry
  2. Peterborough Industry Before the Development Corporation
  3. Attracting People to Peterborough
  4. Advertising and Publicity
  5. Corporate Headquarters come to Peterborough
  6. Peterborough�s New Factories
  7. Being a pupil in a new school
  8. Being a teacher in a new school
  9. Supermarkets � �the first Sainsbury�s north of Watford
  10. Getting to and from work

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Living in Peterborough

  1. Who was in Peterborough already?
  2. Families choosing Peterborough in the first place
  3. Peterborough�s Existing Heritage
  4. Change and remembering Buildings Lost
  5. Peterborough in Numbers: Size and Growth
  6. Shopping in the Townships
  7. Shopping in the City Centre and Queensgate
  8. Recreational Opportunities
  9. Travelling on Parkways & Cycleways
  10. The Peterborough Effect and legacy of the Development Corporation

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About Forty Years On

What is 'Forty Things to Consider?'

Forty Years On is an archive, oral history and theatre project run in partnership by Vivacity and Eastern Angles Theatre Company. It explores the development of Peterborough from the 1960s to the present day, using original archive and oral history materials.

The Forty Years On education resource was created by Toby Wood and Richard Hunt in 2013. It is designed for use at Key Stages 2 and 3. As it is optimised for use on touchscreen and mobile devices, but works equally well on desktop or laptop machines, or interactive whiteboards.

The education resource is modular in its approach and teachers may like to use some or all of the elements. There are four key areas: People, Places, Work and Living. Within each of these main areas are ten individual pages. Each page has a mixture of facts with original sources to back them up, photographs from the archives, oral history clips, quiz questions and ideas for further thinking and other activities.

If you have used this resource with your class we would be delighted to hear from you and also to hear of any suggestions for how it might be improved in the future. Please email us at

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